Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Panama is not exactly third world, but it is not exactly first world either. Take this Choco Rico for example... Every box contains this message, "le leche materna es el mejor almiento para el lactante", just in case you thought that a chocolate milk box might be the better choice for your nursing baby... It is quite delicious, I can see how you could get confused.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yesterday was a big day in Bocas.  We bought our 1250 gallon rainwater collection tank, took it to the property in the Sea Wolf, went to the Children's day parade, sewed a sheet for my friend Humberto... a man who had no blanket, watched 2 boys in sarongs eating sandwiches, painted pipes for the gutters, and thought long and hard about how in the heck we are going to attach them to the roof... That comes today at 11.  We did rig a safety vest our of a life jacket, and some sailing line.. so there is that comfort.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Wake up, surf, take a nap, ride my bike to get fruit, check on the windows at the shop, pick up 8 of the tastiest empanadas on the planet, and cruise by the airport so Jules can check out the planes.  In bed by 8:30 pm. Boom, just like that, the day was done.  I love the Caribbean.


An insanely large racing boat has anchored in the marina.  We met one of its crew in the surf.  I call him Black Bart.  Everything about this boat is bad-ass.  Even the black dingy that joins us in the early every morning.   Check out this bad mammer-jammer.  Its mast is twice as tall as any other boat within a thousand miles.  It is built like a surfboard, with nothing on deck.  Such a beautiful design.


Working hard on the house. Finished up the bathroom walls and bodega with brick red zink this week. We are using local supplies to keep the work flow up.  We also have the fellas from 'Tropical Windows'  starting to frame up all the windows in preparation for installation this week.   We are feeling happy, healthy, and very productive.  We make sure to take about 3 hours a day to surf, so don't worry, we are not working to hard.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012



Happy Fourth of July!!!  We surfed all morning, the waves were pumping at Carenero.    It has been a really great week.  Everyone is healthy.  I have employed a Kuna Indian woman to do some special embroidery and sewing for the Spring 13 collection... we shall see how that works out.  I think we can all just be thankful we did not sink our sailboat this week, eh?