Saturday, April 30, 2011


My dear friend Currie has an amazing store in Austin called Spartan.  I have been thinking about this bench she had in her shop to use as a display table for over a year now.  She had it made by a friend in NY,  the design was super simple, and I had always wanted to make one for myself.  Last week I turned my thoughts into matter.

I went to the wood reclaimer, about half an hour outside of LA, and chose a 3" x 10" piece of cedar saved from a burned patch of trees that had been in a forest fire.   I had it cut into a 6' slab, and kept a tiny end cut to make a petite nature shelf.  I hauled my load back home, and sanded that mother for 3 nights.  I stained it with linseed oil and waxed it.  Then I screwed on legs that I found on the world wide web.  You can find Spartan on the same web, and you should.

My bench rules.  My kid thinks so too.  The silk pajamas are a story for another day...

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  1. whoa whoa!
    truly stunning.
    and the pj's (and bebe) are a dream.
    thank you for sharing...