Sunday, May 15, 2011


If you know me well, you know me as 'Bird'.  It is one of those names that has followed me through all chapters of my life.  There is straight up 'Bird'.  There is 'Jessebird'.  There is 'Flight Kamm' (In High shool in Illinois, Michael Jordan was at the height of pop culture).  I suppose it is because I am lanky and birdlike.  I am known for dancing like a bird, and have even entered a talent show with a tribal Bird dance.  In addition to all of that I have always been into collecting natural artifacts, and in the last few years have been arranging small sculptures of nests from found and collected objects, naturally.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Welcome to the Bird's house.

Fig. A-  A nest I found in Panama, blue stones from Costa Rica, skeleton of a humming bird who perished in my home in Panama.  The ants took his flesh and his head.  I kept his bones and feathers.

Fig. B- Kathy Kamm pinch pot, locks from Julien's first haircut, egg found in the front yard in Mt. Washington.

Fig. C- Nesting rock I found in Istanbul, driftwood, and blue stone from Costa Rica.

Fig. D- Victoria Morris vessel, beach stones from Laguna.

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