Friday, May 13, 2011


It was a normal sunny wednesday afternoon, a warm breeze blew through the city of Angels.  I was crusing smooth at 35 mph listening to my Creedance.   In the distance there was a handsome teal Camero waiting to turn right into my lane.  The next thing I knew, the car peeled out around the corner, and started barreling down on my tail, it moved into the left lane, and the throaty engine roared as the blue flash passed me.  Only then did I see her, in all her granny glory...  A tiney tiny woman, with a tight silver perm, hot pink lips, and 3 stuffed cats on the dash.  She was at least 80.   All that remains is my memory and this photo.  I literally could not catch her.  

Please God, let me grow up to be that badass.  

Side Note:  I have returned to the neighborhood 2 days in a row trolling the side streets looking for the car.  She is gone.  I thought she would have made a great Jesse Kamm  model.

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