Sunday, September 11, 2011


I can remember waking up late that day.  I had a hangover.  A bunch of us had been out very late the night before at the Marc Jacobs after party.  I just can picture Perry Ferril and Roseanna Arquette spinning records.   I had a few runway shows later in the afternoon on the 11th.  I had the times and addresses saved in my voicemail on my cell.  I called to check, but the network was not working.  I brushed my teeth, and called my agent at Ford to get my call times.  She answered. 

Me//  Hey it's Jesse Kamm.

Her//  What is it?

Me// Oh, well, my phone isn't working for some reason.  I need my call times for today.

Her//  What do you mean everything is cancelled!!! We are under attack.  Click

I sat there groggy  trying to piece together what she had said.  I looked at my friend Mickey.  He was like, what?  I remember opening the curtains and smoke was filling the street.  I can remember we were just sitting there in silence.  We were confused.  We were suddenly scared.  We went onto the front stoop of the building, and there were 5 dudes standing there yelling about something.  "What's going on?" I asked.  They told us that the planes had hit the towers.      
We started crying.  We roamed the streets lost and confused.  Four days later we rented a car and drove across the country back to LA.  I have lived here ever since.  These photos are from the weeks before, and the days after.

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