Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Katrina Dickson is an amazing photographer.  We met at a party. We were wearing almost the identical outfit.  We have a lot in common.  We both like to work hard.  We both love to play hard.  We both have little men in our lives.  And handsome big men as well.  We live in the same hood.  You can check out her work HERE.  She has been working for sometime on a photo series of human families in their natural habitat.  Recently she shot the Kamm + Brower clan.  We love these portraits.  Love.


  1. I just love you so much! You have the most incredible light about you and while you are a stranger to me, you are also an inspiration! Lovely mama!

  2. I don't usually venture over here, i just read ur posts from my RSS feed. but i had to comment on this last photo. One of my favourite types of cuddles with my daughter is that type - the big arm leg head wrap around cuddle that is completely engulfing. Especially when they are half-clothed - their skin is so soft. :)
    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us. :)