Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Diavolina closed its doors this summer.  Times are tough, and it is scary.  Halloween style, scary.  If you did not know it, you should have.  It sat on the south end of Robertson Blvd.  It was owned by a lanky beauty named Evelyn.  She carried the wildest selection of heels, wedges, and boots.  She started with shoes, and then branched out to apparel.  She gave me my first window display.  Diavolina will be missed, but remembered as one of the Hollywood greats.  The Moths and Dragonflies pay deep respect.  Below... JK wrap dress and JK goddess dress.

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  1. What a total bummer. There has been so many shop closures in L.A. it is scary. I cannot even imagine how much the rent was!