Thursday, February 16, 2012


The Sanguine Moon is the Hunter's moon.  It is historically the full moon that occurs in October when all of the birds and animals are migrating.  From the time of the Cherokee Indians, across the ocean to the European Hunter, men and women have gathered during this bright moon throughout time to take in the largest hunt before the impending winter season.  I have been really inspired by vintage hunting and fishing gear, which I have been researching and collecting over the last year.  I love the idea of people out in the bright woods at night time, wearing hats, trench coats, canvas, and leather... communing with nature, and working to sustain themselves in the most primal way.

I took elements from this Huntsman, and wove it into my JK world.... not in a Filson way, but in a delicate ladylike way.  Think Lewis and Clark meets Jean Muir.  Hand painted plaids, quilted patches, canvas packs, and the Moon.   

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