Thursday, March 1, 2012


NYC.  Fashion Week.  Jesse Kamm slips up to the upper west side to hang with her girlfriends Mary and Nancy for a few nights.  They are sisters.  They are beautiful.  They are not into twitter.  Mary is the mother of my dear friend Ethan.  They lived in London and Paris in the 60's and 70's.  Nancy was the editor of the STYLE page at the Times for 20 years.  Stories were told...  Dating dukes, close friendships with Geoffrey Beene, working hand and glove with Bill Cunningham, shopping at the first YSL store in the states,  haircuts by Vidal, standing in line at Mary Quant, undercover lovers, etc... this sort of rich banter went on evening after evening.  Old garments were unearthed.  Dress up was played.  I choose these gals over the Marc Jacobs show any day of the week.

In the dining room...  Delicacies their mother purchased in Paris in 1931.

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