Saturday, April 28, 2012


circa 2006

This morning we Kamm-Browers went to see our friends for breakfast.  I am always blown away to see my two stunning girlfriends, Gaby and Georgia, all grown up.  When I was starting my company in 2005, I worked part-time for a family helping mold the minds of two beautiful girls.  Seven years later, we remain dear to each other.  I am grateful to them for their support through the years.  Liza, the truly amazing mama, wore Jesse Kamm to the Oscars, and now her oldest is planning to wear Jesse Kamm to the senior prom.  (I wore Jessica McClintock, but I suppose that is beside the point.)  I was charmed to see the girls still carrying their beat up JK canvas bags from so many moons ago.  Above is a photo shoot we did with the SS2006 collection on my last week working for anyone other than myself.  I love these photos.  Here is to growing up, so very gracefully.

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