Monday, September 24, 2012


The last three days were filled with wonder, excitement, hilarity, and travel.  I wrapped up my last sales appointment in NY at my friend Andrew's studio.  It was a superb week in his space, and I was moved deeply by photos from his new book FLOWER.  I went back to the upper west side where I proceeded to lock myself out on the stoop for 2.5 hours that night in bare feet and my Grateful Dead pajamas.  88th and Amsterdam had never seen the likes.  The next morning I got on a plane to Illinois, were my son was on vacation with Gram and Gramp.  He rode horses, we checked out the stock car races, we laughed, we ran, and then we ran out of steam.   The next day we boarded a plane back to Sunny California.  Whirlwind.  Happiness

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