Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Today had ups and downs.  It was slated as a surf day, but it was flat.  We miss Panama.   Luke found this photo on magic seaweed of our bro Big Cookie surfing the wave that sits in front of our house.  Cookie taught me a valuable lesson on that wave.  If there is one you want, you give it a "Voy, Voy, Voy".  When Cookie says it, you get the-F out the way.  When I say it, the boys smile and call me Flacka...  Then they let me have the wave.  It works either way.  Now the upside of the day is that today Metallica became officially available on Spot-ify. This is what you want to listen to when you are jones-ing for the water and can't get in.  We rode the lightning instead, it ruled.

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